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Paul was born long, long ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a normal childhood and did moderately well in school. When he came of age, he went to numerous colleges, starting with Ohio State University in Columbus and culminating at

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Aisling is the prequel to The Quinn Henaghan Chronicles, my exciting Urban Fantasy trilogy. It's a tale of forgotten worlds, dangerous demons and powerful sorcerers.

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Angle of the Dangle is the prelude to the Mythniks Cycle. It's the story of Pandora's first day in Los Angeles!

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A sci-fi...adventure chock full of laughs, violence, and campy fun. Get some!!!! A perfect summer yarn.

Amazon Customer 5 star review

Neuhaus is a strong, strong writer, and his love for the rat pack bleeds through on every hilarious page. Highly recommended.

Amazon Customer 5 Star Review

Great insight into the personalities that shaped animation into what I watched as a kid. And, I learned how Bugs Bunny got his name.

Amazon Customer 5 star review