A Mythological Comedy Action Adventure

Book Cover: Kumbaya, Space Hippie
Part of the The Mythniks Cycle series:

Imagine you're the Pandora of myth and legend. The Greek chick with the box.

Imagine you're fed up with always being the heroine. You just want to settle down and live a quiet life. Now imagine a hero from the ancient world has returned and he's gone fascist.

It looked like retirement just isn't in the cards.

Kumbaya, Space Hippie--book 3 in the Mythnics Cycle--is comedic Urban Fantasy with echoes of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. It's author Paul Neuhaus' mix of Greek myth and modern problems.

Pandora can't even trust her own senses in this epic climax to a three-part saga. Grab your copy of Kumbaya, Space Hippie today!