Odd-ball humor in the tradition of Christopher Moore and Douglas Adams. Available wherever eBooks are sold. (So, pretty much Amazon.)


Paul was born long, long ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a normal childhood and did moderately well in school. When he came of age, he went to numerous colleges, starting with Ohio State University in Columbus and culminating at Kennesaw State College north of Atlanta, Georgia.

After school, he moved west, took a wife, and spawned twin offspring. He’s worked as an animator, a teacher, and a writer.


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Mythniks Book 1

Mythniks Book 2

Mythniks Book 3

Mythniks Book 4

Mythniks Book 5

Quinn Henaghan Book 1

Quinn Henaghan Book 2

Quinn Henaghan Book 3

Alien Invasion with Swing

Classic Cartoons 

Quinn Henaghan Book 0-3

Quinn Henaghan Book 0

Mythniks Book 0


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