Magic! Monsters! Mayhem!

All the things mousy Quinn Henaghan didn't want in her life. But now, thanks to a long-hidden power, Quinn is fast on her way to becoming the world's most powerful sorceress.

Can she master her powers in time to save Los Angeles from the demon who's been ruling it for a century?

Urban Fantasy at its finest! In the tradition of The Dresden Files and Doctor Strange!

"I found this story to be odd with a crazy twist or two. It combines a thriller, suspense and paranormal elements into an amazing story that became very addicting. Add in the fact it takes place in Hollywood and combines the rumored craziness of that city, it makes the story even better. Quinn was a great character as the odd occurs to her and around her. Plus I really liked the other characters in the story who kept me guessing. In other words, I really liked this story and found it to be different then the usual urban fantasy but just as good." -- Amazon 5 star review.