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Kumbaya, Space Hippie

A Mythological Comedy Action Adventure

Book Cover: Kumbaya, Space Hippie
Part of the The Mythniks Cycle series:

Imagine you're the Pandora of myth and legend. The Greek chick with the box.

Imagine you're fed up with always being the heroine. You just want to settle down and live a quiet life. Now imagine a hero from the ancient world has returned and he's gone fascist.

It looked like retirement just isn't in the cards.

Kumbaya, Space Hippie--book 3 in the Mythnics Cycle--is comedic Urban Fantasy with echoes of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. It's author Paul Neuhaus' mix of Greek myth and modern problems.

Pandora can't even trust her own senses in this epic climax to a three-part saga. Grab your copy of Kumbaya, Space Hippie today!


The Quinn Henaghan Chronicles

Book Cover: The Quinn Henaghan Chronicles
Part of the The Quinn Henaghan Chronicles series:

Magic and Murder broke Quinn Henaghan’s life wide open.

Henaghan was destined to become the world’s most powerful sorceress—whether she wanted to take the journey or not. Watch as Quinn finds love, reconciles her troubled past, and shields the world from extra-dimensional demons bent on destroying all humanity.

The Quinn Henaghan Chronicles puts Paul Neuhaus’ gripping three-book Urban Fantasy saga all in one place. If you like magic, monsters and mayhem, you’ll love this quirky, exciting saga. Quinn follows in the footsteps of Harry Dresden and Doctor Strange, but she shows real magic should be wielded by women!

Grab your Quinn Henaghan Fantasy box set now! Get three books for the price of two!

"Neuhaus is a strong, strong writer... Highly recommended." -- Amazon 5 star review.

Die, Brony, Die

A Mythological Comedy Action Adventure

Imagine you’re the Pandora of legend. The Greek chick with the box.

Imagine you've just come off an exhausting adventure and you're asked to embark on another. Pegasus has gone missing and two villains of old (one a demigoddess, the other an eighty-foot monster) are screaming for the sacred animal's blood. Imagine too, you've just wandered into a convention where grown men dress as cartoon ponies.

It's shaping up to be a rough week.


Necrophiliac’s Honeymoon

A Mythological Comedy Action Adventure

Book Cover: Necrophiliac's Honeymoon
Part of the The Mythniks Cycle series:

Imagine you’re the Pandora of legend. The Greek chick with the box.

Imagine it’s been your duty and your curse to gather up all the Evil you set free and put it back where it belongs—into the box you were tricked into opening all those millennia ago.

Throw into the mix an obsessive musician who just can’t let things go, a management shake-up in the underworld, and a vengeful villainess with a kink for poisons (not to mention delusions of grandeur).

Imagine it’s only Tuesday and you started the day by losing your box.

Humorous fantasy in the tradition of Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony. First book in a series.


The Summit

Book Cover: The Summit

Vegas in the early 60s. Escaped aliens from nearby Area 51. A recipe for disaster.

Who can save us? Three of the most famous singers in the world, that's who.

Swing to the otherworldly adventures of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. as they fight to protect their favorite city and the leader of the free world!

Are flying saucers and ray guns your bag? Then belly up to the bar, jacks and jills... Get yourself a cocktail of one hundred proof sci-fi fun!

For all lovers of Space Opera and Alien Invasion stories!

"Neuhaus is a strong, strong writer, and his love for the rat pack bleeds through on every hilarious page. Highly recommended."--Amazon 5 Star Review

Cartoon Rampage

Book Cover: Cartoon Rampage

Remember the era of classic cartoons? Remember watching Bugs Bunny in your p.j.s?

Wanna learn more about the men and women who made those golden age treasures?

Cartoon Rampage celebrates the history of hand-drawn animation. Included are reviews of classic cartoons and animated features, biographical sketches of luminaries Michael Maltese and Ward Kimball, as well a clear breakdown of some of animation's more difficult concepts.

If you're a fan of Walt Disney animation, Warner Brothers cartoons ("Looney Tunes" and "Merry Melodies"), UPA, or just cartoons in general this book is an indispensable addition to your collection. If you're a relative newcomer to the world of classical animation, Cartoon Rampage serves as a wonderful primer.

It’s time to learn exactly what was up. Doc.

"Great insight into the personalities that shaped animation into what I watched as a kid. And, I learned how Bugs Bunny got his name."--Amazon 5 Star Review


Messiah of Burbank

Danger! Demons! Sex!

Quinn Henaghan has a family now. She also has a new enemy, one far deadlier than any she’s faced before.

Can the most powerful sorceress in the world defeat an ancient goddess hell-bent on destroying every magic-user everywhere? Can she protect the ones she loves from ruin and death?

Read the senses-shattering conclusion to the Quinn Henaghan Chronicles to find out!

"I loved reading this series it was fantastic. I can not wait to see what Paul Neuhaus will write next. I recommend this book and series to everyone who wants to read a great book."--Amazon 5 Star Review


Aeon of Horus

A priceless artifact! A dark conspiracy! An approaching apocalypse! 

Quinn Henaghan is again embroiled in a situation not of her own making. Thieves, witch-hunters, demons and rival wizards all want a totem she acquired but didn't ask for. As she weaves her way through this collection of rogues, she learns the statue she holds is the only thing that stands between life as we know it and the total destruction of the earth!

Urban Fantasy at its finest! In the tradition of The Dresden Files and Doctor Strange! 

"...crazy things happen and the people that keep popping up kept me quite entertained as I tried along with Quinn to figure out who were the good guys and bad guys. Kept me guessing until the end which had a nice twist to it. Loved watching Quinn wonder her way through the story. Thought it was well written and twisty in a good way." -- Amazon 5 star review.


Company Town

Magic! Monsters! Mayhem!

All the things mousy Quinn Henaghan didn't want in her life. But now, thanks to a long-hidden power, Quinn is fast on her way to becoming the world's most powerful sorceress.

Can she master her powers in time to save Los Angeles from the demon who's been ruling it for a century?

Urban Fantasy at its finest! In the tradition of The Dresden Files and Doctor Strange!

"I found this story to be odd with a crazy twist or two. It combines a thriller, suspense and paranormal elements into an amazing story that became very addicting. Add in the fact it takes place in Hollywood and combines the rumored craziness of that city, it makes the story even better. Quinn was a great character as the odd occurs to her and around her. Plus I really liked the other characters in the story who kept me guessing. In other words, I really liked this story and found it to be different then the usual urban fantasy but just as good." -- Amazon 5 star review.


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